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Sonya Fox is Founder @vurde. People Jedi. Content creator @districtninja. Now in The Bay by way of DC & NC. Affinity for Sango, Wellness & crafting the perfect Mezcal Mule.

Sonya Fox is the Founder of Vurde, a subscription service connecting people to mindfulness through food & culture. Born and raised in North Carolina like many Black Americans, my family has roots all over—from the Southeast to the Midwest and of course, the Deep South. As a result, I grew up with shared yet varied culinary influences. Food, family, and fellowship were key aspects of my childhood.

With more than a decade of experience in the Human Resources industry with demonstrated experience bringing a creative mindset to improving organizational performance with emotional intelligence and wellness-centric solutions. During this time, I learned first-hand some of the challenges many of us face with obtaining a healthy work/life balance. 

Vurde is my solution to what she considers a balance crisis in our society. I believes that, through food, we can find a healthier balance by connecting our mind, body, and spiritual wellness to what we eat. Vurde’s carefully curated Mindful Moment kits puts wellness at the forefront with crafted recipes, natural-based ingredients, mindful activities, and a curated music playlist. All of these parts meld together to provide the ultimate holistic dining experience to lift both your spirit and palette. 

Alongside my work with Vurde, I am an available Independent Consultant aiming to help organizations and entrepreneurs with cultivating strong brand and workplace culture anchored in authentic relationship building between stakeholders, resulting in impactful results for all.



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